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Designing Contracts That Protect Your Bottom Line

When your business interests are on the line, it is necessary to put all the terms of your agreement in writing. Relying on a verbal or handshake agreement to save money now can create expensive legal problems in the future.

Whether you are renegotiating a contract with a loyal employee, partner or another party, Graves Carley, LLP, is ready to design an agreement that protects your bottom line. Our lawyers have successfully represented Baton Rouge business owners and operators in contract drafting, negotiations and revisions for nearly two decades.

Securing Favorable Terms In Negotiations And In Court

We take the long view when assisting our clients with transactional matters so that we can secure favorable terms to help your business thrive today and tomorrow. We write and negotiate agreements between business owners and:

  • Employees
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Partners
  • Contractors

Having represented employers in the construction industry for years, we are attentive to the unique concerns that land developers and builders have when entering agreements. Our lawyers remain current on federal, state, parish and industry regulations, so you can depend on us to design a contract that complies with these guidelines. We customize our contracts to suit your business’s needs.

As skilled litigators, we are also qualified to represent you in legal disputes. Whether you are taking action for a breach of contract or defending against a lawsuit, we are ready to defend your business in court. When you hire our firm, you benefit from the full range of transactional and litigation services that we provide.

Learn More About Our Services Today

Do you need information about noncompete agreements, severance contracts or other business-related agreements? Get practical legal advice during your one-on-one consultation. Arrange yours online or by calling 225-401-1983.