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Land Use Contracts And Dispute Resolution

For individuals and business entities who own and use land, there are numerous disputes and problems that can arise. For many, improper use of land or lack of authorization to use land in a certain way can result in serious financial losses and legal problems. When engaging in any type of land use consideration, it is critical to work with experienced lawyers who can protect your rights and interests.

From the beginning of the idea of use for a tract of land, through the negotiation process and the resolution of any disputes that might arise, the attorneys of Graves Carley, LLP, are a trusted source for legal counsel and advocacy for clients throughout New Orleans and the surrounding parishes of Louisiana.

Solving Land Use Problems Since 2002

At Graves Carley, LLP, our attorneys have been solving land use problems for more than 15 years. We provide sound counsel and strategic advocacy in all land-related cases.

We Built Our Reputation From The Ground Up

Our legal team can assist you on matters of land use, whether you need a site plan approval for a commercial office park or a variance from an established zoning ordinance. Our attorneys can provide you with a broad range of experience including counsel on relevant environmental statutes, required public notification and administrative regulations impacting land use applications.

  • Expropriation: We can assist the landowner in evaluating damage claims resulting from expropriation by a public body.
  • Subdivision restrictions: We can assist the developer in creating and amending subdivision restrictions for any subdivision development project.
  • Condominium regimes: We can explore and evaluate the possible interest of subdivision for a proposed development, create and facilitate the implementation of subdivision for condominium development, including dealing with all restrictions and declarations.
  • Commercial/Residential development issues: We can anticipate and evaluate common issues encountered by a commercial or residential developer, including zoning, servitude and other use restrictions. Being proactive in this area can result in fewer delays and unanticipated legal action.

Whatever your land use needs, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you get the outcome you need, efficiently and effectively.

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